Branded Entertainment &  Product Placement Award – The Creative Award

Product Placement (PP) and Branded Entertainment (BE) are factors of success of advanced media productions. As well as for the marketing and the funding of motion pictures and increasingly for media offered in TV and online. For companies, PP/BE offers a attractive advertising form in a product affine environment. Successful PP/BE requires a plausible strategy and a fine creative implementation.

The PPA is the media award which captures this communication method and honors outstanding projects. With the PPA quality shall be awarded and promoted, and also the acceptance of PP/BE in the media mix and within the communication industry to be increased.

The PPA 2018 will be awarded within the scope ­of the convention „ProPKo Branded Entertainment Summit“ on 15 October 2018 in Stuttgart/Germany. The winners will be announced publicly and towards the media. Advertisers, agencies, broadcasters and producers can apply for.


Honored will be the whole creative performance of an audiovisual integration of a product or a brand in a film, a broadcasting, an online video or game. With the PPA you can raise your companies image and give proof of your capability and creativity. Set new benchmarks in the communication industry with it.

For further information, you can download the invitation