Award 2017

Category Cinema/Content

Laudator: Dominik Kuhn

AUDI for placing the brand in “Alien: Covenant“

AUDI once again convinced with a perfect integration of the brand into a movie. It is a small, really developed moon rover, the Audi lunar quattro, which was featured in the science fiction film “Alien: Convenant” has its own role and with its future technology not only fits the content of the film, but also exactly to the young male target group. The placement is creative, innovative and masterly implemented. This transports AUDI as an innovative, future-oriented brand. Finding such an elegant theme setting and intelligently combining information management from an automotive company with worldwide branded entertainment at this level is a high art.

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Category TV

Laudator: Sandra Freisinger-Heinl

Beauty and the Beast

Who doesn’t know the Disney classic “Beauty and the Beast”, which enchanted millions of young girls and women in the early 1990s. In order to achieve a similar success with the real film version, the film was not only advertised in the run-up via the classic cinema trailers, but a unique TV advertisement was also used, which could not be recognised as such at first glance. For the popular RTL Friday evening programme “Let’s dance”, the dance scene from the film was adapted and broadcast parallel to the theatrical release. To the original music and scene equipment, the dance couple consisting of professionals and celebrities in the original costumes with a specially choreographed waltz floated across the studio parquet into the living rooms of almost 3 million mostly female viewers and spread pure Disney romance. The jury agreed without any ifs and buts that “Beauty and the Beast” was a subtle, intelligent, extremely emotional and subliminal product placement that aimed directly into the hearts of the viewers and involuntarily animated them to go to the cinema.


Category Online/Game

Laudator: Matthias Dietrich

Project Cars 2 X Driving Events

The comparison real and virtual is not a new idea, but Mercedes Benz shows a new approach. In this racing game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Mercedes Benz has installed its own, actually existing training track for the first time, so that the players are given a real driving experience. The placement of the real training track is mainly intended to promote the driving and safety training offered by Mercedes Benz on Scandinavian snow and ice. When the players test this course in the game, they will eventually be inspired to test their skills in reality, so that they can either book a beginner’s course or even a week of driving experience in Scandinavia. With this product placement Mercedes Benz elegantly uses the desires of the players to expand their own driving skills in practice.