10:00 hModerator
Julia Edele
Literaturhaus Stuttgart
Breitscheidstraße 4
70174 Stuttgart/Germany
10:05 hBE INTEGRATIVE! – der Mehrwert integrierter Kommunikation heute

Andreas Waldner
WALDNER.TV Entertainment Marketing

(in german)
10:30 UhrGood Brands entertain

Nico Wüst, Head of Design Systems

(in german)
11:00 UhrHow to engage viewers

Tim Jones, Head of Global Research and Insight
Mirriad, London

Tim speaks about how the Mirriad technology is applied and importantly the flexibility and speed of implementation compared to traditional product placement allowing In content branding to be planned alongside TV spot or digital preroll activity.
Highlights case studies showing performance against KPI’s and how audience reporting is now aligned with TV spot.
And finally how to create emotions through this content.
11:30 UhrBranded Entertainment – The Perfect Matchmaker

Marie-Therese Repper, Senior Project Manager – Branded Entertainment
ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4 GmbH, Vienna/Austria

(in german)
12:00 UhrBreak
13:30 hWhat are Branded Entertainment partnerships worth?

Patrick Seitter, Leitung ESB Academy
ESB Marketing Netzwerk AG, St. Gallen

(in german)
14:00 UhrCommunication measurments under pressure – where does the road lead to? (AT)

Peter Weber, CEO & Founder
Intelligent Research in Sponsoring GmbH, Karlsruhe/Germany

(in german)
14:30 UhrThe interaction between Influencer und Brand

Thomas Spiller, Vice President Brand Solutions
Studio71 GmbH, Berlin/Germany

15:00 hCoffee break
15:30 UhrKöln50667 – cooperative campaign with an edge (AT)

Isabel Schleicher, Senior Marketing Manager (inquired)
Subway Germany

16:00 UhrHelo Alexa, which brand do you recommend to me?

Dr. Lukas Mezger, Lawyer
UNVERZAGT VON HAVE Rechtsanwälte, Hamburg/Germany

(in german)
16:30 UhrPodiumsdiskussion “Voice Branding”

“Empfehlen sie uns weiter” – ist jetzt auch durch Sprachassistenzsysteme wie Alexa, Siri und Co. im Auftrag der Marke möglich. Doch wohin führt diese Entwicklung mit künstlichen Intelligenz Systemen im Marketing?
– Dominik Kuhn, STARPATROL Entertainment
– Dr. Lukas Mezger, UNVERZAGT VON HAVE Rechtsanwälte

(in german)
17:15 UhrBreak
18:00 UhrPrize-giving ProPKo AwardLiteraturhaus Stuttgart
Breitscheidstraße 4
70174 Stuttgart/Germany
19:00 UhrGet-together